Educational Trips

Travel has become one of the important aspect for someone to grow. The richness of heritage that this world has can only be absorbed only if you visit it, not just reading on book, that why education travel is is necessary for students.

Types of Educational Travel
Historical Trips
Nature Trips
Adventure Trips
Spiritual Trips
Day Outing
Top Benefits from School's Trips for students
Real-world exposure: Educational trips undertaken by schools can be either to other countries, places of historical and geographical importance like museums, Forts, heritage sites, ecological parks, Adventure Trips Includes i.e Camping Rafting , Trekking, Water , Air and Snow Activities i.e Paragliding , River Rafting , Waterfall Treks , Outside Country Exposers i.e NASA convention centers, planetarium, etc. Children will be visiting places they have never visited before. Especially with a group of almost 50-200 children, it will be an exciting experience for all of them. This is done to give students a positive and educational exposure in the real sense. Students will not only have fun in each other’s company but will also be able to gain a proper understanding of what they are learning in theory. Students have the opportunity to observe new things and new environments. 1000s of Schools in India are constantly providing the exposer to their students . such educational opportunities where they have undertaken School trips within India I.e Uttrakhand - Nainital , Corbet National Park , Nainital , Mussoorie and in Himachal - Shimla - Manali , Dharamshala , Dalhousie , Kasol, Tosh Valley , Tirthan Valley and all . Some Historical trip to Delhi , Agra , Rajasthan ,Madhya Pradesh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands & Punjab.
Bonding among students and Teachers: Educational trips are a perfect platform for students to bond, not only with their own peers but also with the teachers and adults who accompany them in a new environment. Such trips help children to open up, socialize and get to know each other better outside the classroom. Students get to team up with their classmates whom they might not be familiar with, for activities which require them to reach a given goal. Learning through experience - One of the best lessons students learn through educational trips is through personal experience. have organized many School Trips to Corbet National Park ,Rishikesh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands where they received a better understanding of the bio-diversity, flora, and fauna of the Jungle, Sea & islands. Similarly our International trip to Europe, students from 4th to 9th standard and 11th standard can experience and observe in Germany the aftermath left behind by the World War II and also learned about the Holocaust. Trips help immensely in improving a student’s life skills such as problem-solving abilities because they get better at decision making and also develop more confidence and communication skills. Trip to NASA will provide them the wide expose universe and Human's potential in space.
Learn about local culture, customs, and language: Travelling to various places on educational trips broadens the outlook of a student, their perspective changes on certain things and they are better informed about different cultures and customs. Learning about customs, language, and cultures through the first-hand experience is more enjoyable rather than gaining the same knowledge from a textbook. Additionally, in every new city, students encounter a new culinary experience which helps them be more tolerant of other's cultures.
Make lifelong memories with friends, meet new people: Educational trips always leave a lasting impression on the student's memories. From the conception of the trip till the end of the trip, each memory, whether good, bad or funny will be embedded in the students’ minds. Travelling teaches tolerance and patience which is essential for building a student’s personality. Students tend to make lifelong friends and memories not only with their peers but also with new people and places.
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